Superintendent's Office

December 9, 2020


Dear Cottonwood Families,

Due to staffing concerns, the Cottonwood Union School District will return to Distance Learning for the week following Winter Break which begins on January 4th and ends January 8th. We will have students returning to campuses for in seat instruction on January 11th. 

Since we did return to several staffing issues after Thanksgiving break, we feel another week long buffer is needed after Winter break as well so that we have time to address and adjust to any staffing concerns and to be able to notify parents of any necessary changes that may take place in a timely manner.

The District apologizes for any inconvenience this creates for families, but due to issues after the last break we feel this is a necessity and that this is the safest plan for students and staff.

Thank you for your support and understanding.   



Doug Geren




Message from the Superintendent 12/03/2020 

Dear Cottonwood Parents,

I hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving and that you found at least a little time to rest and relax. I want to remind everyone that we will resume in class learning with students on campus this Monday, December 7th. Distance learning will continue as usual.

Substitute Positions

As many of you know, the Cottonwood School District has been working hard to keep classrooms open for students wishing to attend in class learning and so far this year we have been pretty successful in doing so. However, one of the biggest hurdles we face today in staying open is staffing shortages. We are already stretched thin due to several vacant aide positions that we have not been able to fill. So it becomes extremely difficult to remain open for in class learning when we lose additional staff to quarantine or for any other reason as we currently have no substitutes to fill in with.

So that is why I am reaching out today to parents and community members looking for anyone that may want to be placed on a substitute list and be willing to help out on occasion when the need arises or that may wish to actually fill one of the vacant positions. Substitutes will be paid for their time, but it can be volunteer if you choose. This additional support will help enable us to remain open for in class learning.

If you are interested, please contact either the North or West offices for further details.

Possible Masking Change

I want to give everyone a heads up on a possible masking change that could affect our district. Currently the masking guidelines for schools from the California Department of Public Health state that students in Third Grade or above must wear masks unless there is an exemption. Although the school guidance has not yet been updated, the general guidance changed and we are expecting a change to the school guidance any day now. I am being told it will most likely follow along with the general guidance for all Californians. This new change basically states that children two years old and up need to wear masks unless they have an exemption. The updated guidance signals a change from the face covering requirement "strongly encourage" for 2 years to 2nd grade to "required unless exempt."

The new face covering guidance can be found here:

We will continue to stay with masking at third grade and above as long as we can, but if new guidance comes down from the state and county, we will have to comply to remain open. Once again, I just wanted to make parents aware of this possible change so if it comes down, it does not catch anyone by surprise.

Doug Geren